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The trajectory of Herivelto Malosti

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The trajectory of Herivelto Malosti, founder of the US Dent Master and one of the main PDR technicians in the world.

The technique known as PDR, which allows you to quickly and safely unmask vehicle bodies, has a great innovative and professional mind. Herivelto Malosti is one of the leading specialists in automotive technology in the world, internationally recognized for creating his own method, perfected and precise. Today, Herivelto is the creator of the “Profissão Martelinho” course, which has already trained more than 150 students in 14 countries, including Brazil, transforming careers around the world with the teaching of practical and profitable technique.

"More than two decades after knowing the PDR technique, I improved the method with my own experience. I identified the errors, saw what needed to be changed, gathered valuable information. I realized that the great secret of PDR art was passed on unfairly. , often with lightning courses that did not completely pass the technique, leaving behind disappointed and poorly trained people with this enchanting art. So I decided to go over it in a way that all my students were successful in the automotive market ", Herivelto.

In Brazil, Herivelto commands Aral-Latam, a reference company in vehicle repair, recognized for its safe, responsible, sustainable and high quality method. The company is the only one in the segment in Latin America to have the ISO 9001 certificate, reinforcing the quality standard offered in the market.

Whoever sees the entrepreneur within his successful trajectory, often does not imagine the obstacles that preceded his history. Herivelto worked at a bingo hall in the city of Curitiba as a salon assistant and states that financial and professional instability always accompanied him in his work routine. "I was in a role that had a lot of responsibilities and no employee lasted long in the job. I really needed that job and was afraid of losing it. To make matters worse, I received the statement saying that bingo would be sold and all my work could go down the drain, "recalls Herivelto.

It was in this great moment of doubt as to his permanence in bingo that Herivelto received an invitation from a friend who would change his life forever. He knew the PDR technique and was enchanted by the art of repairing automobiles. Herivelto then sought training in the area and saw the climatic effects as a great job opportunity. Now the PDR professional has traveled the world following the route of hailstorms that hit large yards of dealerships and automakers and spend months away from home - one of the main customers of PDR technicians.

“In just two days of work, I had earned more than the best salary for an entire month that I have ever earned in my life. The way I developed my own method allowed me to even be awarded and help many other people around the world to also leverage their careers ”, says Herivelto.

The Golden Hammer technique

Golden hammer is a craft technique, known in the United States as PDR (Paintless Dent Repair / Removal). It removes the dent without damaging the original paint. From a financial point of view, it is more attractive than the body shop, in addition to having a faster execution (depending on the skill of the technician). From a professional point of view, as a career, there are countless ways to use the technique and obtain financial return even if you do not have a workshop to work with.

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