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About Us


We are the US Dent Master Group, a company specializing in automotive repair and PDR school.
We repair dents without damaging the paint, especially hail damage, and our work and teaching methodology has already been tested and proven by students and customers in more than 20 countries.
My name is Herivelto Malosti, known as Eddie, founder of the US Dent Master and I have been in the market since 1996 with international recognition and, therefore, this Group is focused on offering excellent results, both in the provision of services as well as in the training of professionals in the PDR technique, starting with Texas - USA.
We are located in Plano-Texas, where we provide our automotive repair services and train our students, we also have a delivery service to serve customers located in all regions of the state and we accept all insurance companies.
Our repair services are differentiated, because it is faster, about 10% of the time used by the body shop and traditional painting, more economical by avoiding the exchange of parts, maintains the originality of the vehicle factory and does not harm the environment as it does not require use of chemical polluting agents, for example: paint, tinner, degreasers, solvents.
Our goal is to offer the perfect solution to maintain the originality of your vehicle in the shortest possible time with a specialized team, training and leaving fit to enter the market excellent professionals

We are specialist in the PDR technique


OVER 30 countries

approved my technique


formed on 3 continents

Over 340,000 cars repaired

in the world

OVER 1,500,000 people viewed

my classes on my Youtube channel

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